Working Together for Economic & Environmental Prosperity

NGO Partnership

We Support Economic Development

Meat Naturally works through NGOs to foster economic prosperity for small scale, emerging cattle farmers in Africa. By leveraging NGO relationships with farming communities, we facilitate training for livestock farmers, and organize both mobile auctions and abattoirs on behalf of NGOs. Our sustainable farming practices are increasing the quality of meat products and creating demand for this supply amongst commercial buyers and new markets formerly unaccessible. Please visit our Services page to learn more about how we can assist you.

We Support Sustainable Practices

Meat Naturally was founded with ecological pursuits in mind. We believe that cattle farming and caring for Africa’s rangelands must go hand-in-hand. Therefore, we support an NGO’s ecological interests by providing a sustainable farming model to be implemented by farming communities. At the core of our model is the Conservation Agreement. This arrangement with livestock farmers motivates the community to be stewards for rangeland and wetland preservation - And sustain high standards for product quality in exchange for market access and participation in mobile auctions.

Consulting & Technical Assistance

Meat Naturally is a consultant and partner to NGOs. We work with and support NGOs, collectively delivering education (e.g.; regenerative grazing, livestock management, stock theft control, erosion control), grazing planning, mapping services and contractual documentation. We also support NGOs and farming communities by offering access to vaccinations, bulk purchasing capabilities, tagging services, and a complete quiver of resources for the economic and ecological vibrancy of Africa.

Herder & Farmer Training for NGOs

Education and inspiration are critical components to Africa’s ecological and economic empowerment. Without the knowledge of sustainable farming and environmental consideration, Africa’s rangelands will forever be compromised and the health of livestock will suffer. Meat Naturally can facilitate training programs through our network of trusted, accredited training providers for your region in key topics such as regenerative grazing, low-stress herding, animal nutrition, fodder production, and livestock disease detection and management. Our training support and economic incentives pave the way for environmental sustainability and farmers joining the movement for change.

Client Comments

What a few of our partners, clients, and community leaders are saying about Meat Naturally.

“If a farming community wants to adopt just a few sustainable farming practices such as clearing intrusive plant species, Meat Naturally will bring mobile auctions to their remote areas.”
Mamadou Goundiam
Conservation International
“Livestock farmers and their families are now in the driver’s seat. They decide when auctions will take place and how grazing land is managed. The presence of Meat Naturally has contributed to building community cohesion.”
Sissie Matela
ERS (Environmental & Rural Solutions)
“Local farmers are now over the moon about the benefits that accrue to them through Meat Naturally auctions, and rotational resting and grazing introduced through conservation agreements.”
Sinegugu Zukulu
Conservation International


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